Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wendt in 3 m€ transfer to Genoa?

We have received a offer from Serie A's Genoa Cricket and Football Club [Wikipedia] for our extraordinarily talented left back Oscar Wendt reports. Oscar has firmly established himself in the starting 11 this season, relegating Denmark national veteran Niclas Jensen to the reserves. He is also making his mark as a Sweden national.

Personally I'd hate to see him leave. He's one of my favorites right now. Great speed, hard work, killer precise crossing, good ball control and just getting better for every match. Did some center back and left wing duty too. And did good. Luckily, FC København management is reported to have informed the Italians no players are leaving Copenhagen right now. Whew!

(Sources: / Italienere vil lægge 20 mio. for Wendt | / Lagerback names Sweden squad against Albania and Hungary)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Zanka for Liverpool?

Scout Jakob Friis-Hansen who also tipped Liverpool about Daniel Agger has now told them about our amazing yougster Zanka [info at | Wikipedia | this blog]. According to him they like what they see but would also prefer to let him mature a bit where he is. Phew! Please stay a while, Zanka!

(Source: Liverpool holder øje med Zanka)

Standings and tendencies - 1/7 into the season

30 games already played let me drop a snap shot of how the league is unfolding this season.

Standings with each team's finishing points tendency as a probability distribution. 'X' marks most likely finishing points; line begins at current points and ends at maximum points.

An entirely different picture than last time I shot it. But revealing none the less.

We're doing OK, placed second making up a sort of early title race along with OB and FC Midtjylland. Unbeaten and having conceded only three goals. Followed by Randers and Brøndby in a not too dangerously looking pursuit.

The promoted teams, Vejle BK and SønderjyskE, have done very well so far. Vejle has more points (7) but SønderjyskE has actually managed to draw both us and FC Midtjylland at home (1-1 both).

Esbjerg fB and FC Nordsjælland are in relegation zone and the disappointments for now. They have lost home games to Vejle and SønderjyskE respectively. Both still without wins.



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