Thursday, May 31, 2007

Atiba Hutchinson wanted

Anderlecht are on the track of Atiba Hutchinson. [...] Anderlecht is not the only club interested in Hutchinson. AZ, Werder Bremen and Stuttgart have been tracking the players as well. The Canadian still has a contract until 2010 and should cost between 5 and 6 million euro.

Anderlecht tracking Atiba Hutchinson

I don't know what to say. I'd really like Atiba to stay!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Season ends in goalless draw

Vejle Boldklub vs FC København 0-0. Entertaining game with plenty of wasted opportunities.

But... the only point I wish to put down is a little note on the performance discrepancy between pre- and post championship. Up to and including the Brøndby away that secured the championship the points average was 2.38, the goal difference +1.24. Once the title was settled those two statistics dropped to 1.75 and +0.25 respectively.

Happy summer break to all of you about 500-600 people who have checked out my blogging project here. I'll be back - BUT I added a Google News Widget to the right hand side bar which will alleviate some of the need for me adding posts. Check it out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Carlsberg - Probably the best sponsor in the world

Denmark's brewing giant puts billions into football advertising and sponsorships - and makes it back more than in kind

"Billions" - actually, the article says 430 million €. And they are expecting a fat return, of course. / Probably the best sponsor in the world

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Danish Cup final: FCK 1 OB 2

16' Atiba Hutchinson 1-0
37' 1-1 Martin Borre
49' 1-2 Bechara Oliveira

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Rommedahl non-story

Dennis Rommedahl plans Charlton Athletic exit - FC Copenhagen target Addicks winger

Copenhagen reject Charlton's Rommedahl
...FC Copenhagen owner Fleming Ostergaard said: "Who the hell says we're interested? Come down to earth, little Dennis. If you can't even get into the team at Charlton, then where can you get in?"

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We're the Champions. Again.

The Brøndby away was a well earned 0-1 win.

As expected they came at us with full physical force but little else. As the game progressed the Copenhagen squat got better and better control of the game. And then in the 33rd minute Gravgaard headed a long pass towards the opposite pole where Allbäck finished for the only goal.

Brøndby kept trying but despite quite a bit of possession didn't produce anything really scary. The game was marred by a couple of nasty fouls but luckily no injuries. With 13 minutes to go Linderoth was sent off for an extremely harsh second yellow card. This of course inspired another wave of Brøndby attacks but progressively desperate ones.

Solid performances at all positions with none outshining the team as a whole. A handful of mess ups by Brøndby to enjoy. The ref had a busy day, I guess, but only barely managed to stay out of focus. Despite being crammed into a tiny corner of the stadium (main reason for me not attending in person), the FCK fans were often louder than their counterparts; in particular I enjoyed the "Brøndby, sing a song for us" that rang out of my TV speakers at max volume. Beautifully, the last minute of overtime was spent guiding a pitch invading Brøndby "fan" out of the field.

Congratulations to the team and every other FCK person in the world. The rest of the season we'll just spend enjoying Brøndby's struggle not to finish no. 7 (which will mean they get an extra away game next season). Oh yeah, and perhaps winning the double on May 17th.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Brøndby away tomorrow

This one's worth a few more copy pastes...

Last 6 games: Brøndby: DWLWLW (10 points); FC København: LWWWWW (15 points).
Last 5 games, Brøndby home: WWWWW ; FC København away: WWWWD.
Brøndby points home: 34; FC København points away: 33.

Injuries & suspensions: Brøndby IF: Andreas Randrup, Henrik Kildentoft, Jean Philippe Peguero, Kasper Lorentzen, Mads Jørgensen, Martin Ericsson, Thomas Andresen, Trond Andersen (some of the injured may get ready); FC København: Dan Thomassen, Michael Silberbauer, Nathan Coe.

Approximate outcome probabilities: Brøndby win: 27%, draw 27%, FC København win 46%.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A beautiful day in the park

Yesterday, did some of the math I did too this week (previous post) and noted the club is looking at two records. It turned out as the season's second loss, however, so there's one record left.
Pre-season favourites København have extended their winter-break lead from six points to 16, and should they maintain or increase that advantage they will establish another record - the largest title-winning margin in Danish history. / København hope for double record

Who cares? Let the AaB fans enjoy. It'll be sweet setting the league straight next Wednesday in Brøndby. Saturday was a beautiful day in the park - clear skies, 20 degrees Celsius, cold beer and happy people.


Fans gathered outside the stadium hours in advance of kick-off.


Classy tifo!


The away fans cheering. Enjoy this rare sight! (Yes, I was undercover in the AaB section of the stadium.)



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