Thursday, February 28, 2008

Atiba Hutchinson: Recovered and on his way out

We got some mixed news about Canadian midfielder Atiba Hutchinson recently: his below par performances during fall 2007 was due to illness and now he's looking for another club.

The illness issue was revealed by coach Ståle Solbakken. Atiba has been suffering from mononucleosis (AKA "the kissing disease" AKA "Pfeiffer's disease" AKA "glandular fever"). Now I haven't had the thing myself but judging from the list of possible symptoms (fever, Enlarged spleen (!!!), Dizziness or disorientation, Depression etc.) it's just not something that works out with the typical schedule of a professional athlete.
Sources: / Hutchinson havde verdens værste sygdom and Wikipedia / mononucleosis.

Atiba Hutchinson
When I visited a training session last summer Atiba was doing light exercises only due to his illness.

Now he and his agent says he's on his way out of here!
"I don't see myself stay very long. It's a possibility to follow Hangeland because I'd like to play in the Premier League. But Germany, Spain, Italy or France could be fun too."
- Atiba Hutchinson

"A lot of clubs have scouted him and we had interest from England, Germany and France but the price tag has been a problem."
- Andreas Kirsch (Hutch's agent)

(My own not too accurate translations.)
Sources: / Atiba Hutchinson klar til større liga, / Agent: FCK bremser Hutchinson.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pre-season friendlies round-up

The friendly vs Legia Warszawa mentioned below is only one of five. Here is a quick look at the other four.

Today: FC København - FC Nordsjælland 2-2
Almost a reserve team game. José Junior said to have been on fire and scored both goals.

Last Friday: FC København - Viking FK (Norway) 2-2
Marred by intense winds. Ailton Almeida reported to have been very strong compared to last season, and Zdenek Pospech "much better than Lars Jacobsen was" as a friend told me.

Friday the 15th: Djurgården (Sweden) - FC København 1-4
Three goals by the Brazilian strikers and a smiling coach.

La Manga camp: Brann (Norway) - FC København 1-0
Norwegian referee awarded us two red cards which should have pretty much spoiled the game.

Saturday the 1st of March we'll play Stabæk in Copenhagen.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

New team, new season

The transfer window has closed and the first friendly been played. Meaning we get a quality peek at what's in wait for the spring 2008 season.

Last minute transfers

Obviously, most transfer rumors were just rumors and probably little else. Hangeland left for England and Albäck probably just decided to stay the remainder of his contract to pick up another Danish title.

Besides right back Zdeněk Pospěch, central defender Ulrik Laursen (OB, Hibernian, Celtic; three matches for Denmark) and Brazilian striker José Luiz Guimarães Sanabio Júnior (OB, Malmö) were signed.

La Manga Friendly: Legia Warszawa - FC København 2-2

Allbäck - Ailton

Grønkjær/Hutchinson - Kvist - Würtz - Sionko

Wendt - Antonsson - Gravgaard/Zanka - Pospech


Lineup (with subs) as according to

Goals by Ailton Almeida and Jesper Grønkjær.



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