Friday, November 09, 2007

Panathinaikos is a better team

Well at least they were yesterday when I saw them win 0-1 in Copenhagen. And their fans are better supporters than we are.

Granted: Players like Morten Nordstrand (not ready for this level), Rasmus Würtz (scratching his buttocks while opponent scores) and Niclas Jensen (missing corners like that disqualifies you buddy) looked outright silly in many situations. But that is no excuse for acting like teenagers with behavioral problems like many FC København fans did pretty much from the minute the Greeks scored. Support the team or stop pretending to be a fan, please. I felt like punching several of the fans around me in their faces but in stead enjoyed listening to the Greek fans going crazy.

The problems yesterday were rooted much deeper than in any individual player. Team organization looked like rubbish - which is of course always an observation relative to that of the opponent. And Panathinaikos were excellently organized, spoiling the Copenhagen play all over the pitch showing off occasional short passing and technical plays that we are not going to see FC København perform in years to come if ever.

And compare their starting line-up to my wild guess at what it would be: I got five players right. Either my guess was even more sloppy than I said it was or they used half their 2nd team. Never mind the fact Panathinaikos' seeding coefficient is three times ours - you buy a plastic FCK-hat and it's your God given right to shout insults for 90 minutes.

Our Swedish striker, Marcus Allbäck, is furious with us. At he says (quickie translation of Allbäck raser mod FCK-fans):
When we went to the sideline after the game to thank for the support all we got was a fuck-finger. I don't understand how the fans could do that. That's lack of respect. I think it's an embarrassment our own fans starts booing after half an hour. They should be our 12th man but are the opposite.

To whoever gave Allbäck the finger: fuck you too.

PS: Yada, yada, yada the ref was bad yada, yada, yada. Yes, he managed quite a few blatant miscalls right in front of my eyes but please remember he also invented a penalty for us and shut up. Thanks.

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The visitors were better throughout the game; on the strength of the first half showing alone they deserved perhaps something more than just a narrow advantage.

It was not FCK's night. -
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