Monday, August 20, 2007

...0-0. Meanwhile in Portugal...

Leixões - Benfica 1-1

[...] The newly-promoted Leixonenses (a.k.a. Babies) – back in the first division after seventeen years trawling the lower reaches – managed to keep a valuable point towards their aim of ending the season in the Portuguese elite.

Their Encarnado rivals therefore give early ground to both Sporting and FC Porto, also evincing a frustrating slowness in getting the ball up field and to danger men Nuno Gomes and Cardozo. Only Rui Costa showed true grit with his typically intelligent and precise passing but it wasn’t enough to down a determined Leixões who were only stopped by a great performance by Quim.

Nélson, Luís Filipe, Nuno Assis and Nuno Gomes all had poor games, Fernando Santos taking the latter off for Bergessio and them extirpating Luís Filipe in favour of Under-21 star Fábio Coentrão. This improved Benfica somewhat, but the goal took its sweet time in coming as the hosts kept their eye on the ball and dripped enthusiasm that kept the favourites in check right up to the waning moments.

A Rui Costa corner was netted by Petit (88 min) and the goal seemed to serve as the winner but just as Benfica breathed a sigh of relief, Leixões took a deep breath and struck out for the last time, supersub Nwoko (90 min) finally beating Quim to leave Benfica with a shock and a paltry point when they had taken all three for granted.

[...Benfica lineup]: Quim; Nélson, Katsouranis, David Luiz and Léo; Petit; Luís Filipe (Fábio Coentrão), Rui Costa and Nuno Assis (Andrés Diaz); Nuno Gomes (Bergessio) and Cardozo.

Source: - Portugal - Bwin Liga: Porto Pummel, Benfica Bungle

Middlesbrough midfielder Fabio Rochemback is interested in a move to Benfica. The Portuguese side are keen to sign the Brazil international and they see him as an ideal replacement for Manuel Fernandes.


The Lisbon Stock Exchange announced Monday that Joe Berardo had acquired just 1 percent of the club's stock with his offer of €3.50 (US$4.70) per share.

Source: Portuguese tycoon fails in his attempted stock market takeover of Benfica - International Herald Tribune
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