Saturday, January 24, 2009

A youth team match vs Lyngby

Had some business in town this morning and figured I'd drop by the training grounds on my way. But I was late and missed it. Noticed a youth team match nearby and stuck around for about half an hour. Why not it wasn't raining that much!

It was a visit from Lyngby. True to the prejudice of Lyngby style of play, they had the ball and attacked. The guests's no. 12, "Yousuff" judging from the shouts - a tall kid with curly black hair, did well in an offensive midfielder role. The Copenhagen defense deterred most efforts though and the rest missed the goal. One of the defenders were called "Højer" which should ring a bell.

"Yousuff" opening for a pass on their right wing.

But not getting past the defense anyway.

The part of the match I watched was a 2-0 win because the lone striker, a stocky black kid, scored on the two chances he got (not entirely sure he did the actual finishing as it was in the far end of the field, but almost sure). Quality performance judging from the very little I saw; he didn't lose the ball a single time he got it. Think his name was "Dan" or something like that.

A lonely striker.

Man I miss the Super league season...

Moved on only to find the shop I was going to had closed. Well at least I got some fresh air... and rain on this Saturday morning.
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