Saturday, October 18, 2008

Checking out

Yet another chunk of my "need" for this blog has been chopped off. Perpetrators being the people behind, a social website for football fans.

So what is that site about? I've been checking it out lately and have gone from quite skeptical to nearly excited. It's a "Facebook only about football" type thing. You create a profile, connect with "friends" and write on their walls, show off your favourite teams, pick your favourite 11, taunt the opponent fans at the match page et cetera. What use is another social networking website then!?

What makes it worth your time is functionality it has that potentially leaves hitherto essential football sites obsolete. Like, Footbo has that. And too. For each game users can grade the players and best-of teams are automatically generated. Of course, there are league tables and all the usual sort of stuff. Users guess at any future result and "distribution cakes" are generated to illustrate expectations before the result is settled and each users prediction score is calculated (so far I didn't do too well). Sort of useful for match probabilities. And they have Michael Ballack write a blog (well one post so far).

Since I first set up Copenhagen Files in excitement about Google News and Blogger (Hello World) I have successively changed scope and direction (Media & Mission Statement (sort of) and Spring cleaning). Footbo has managed to merge so many features in one site it is actually both useful and fun. I'll now (every now and then) participate in their never-ending prediction game, grade players of matches I've seen, follow live scores and mingle with fellow football geeks. And perhaps post a bit less here at Copenhagen Files.

It remains to be seen how succesful Footbo will become. Will users add to its value or mess it up? And if the few weird kinks (it's still in beta) will be worked out nicely. But I already added a link to FC Københavns team page there in this blogs right hand column. And if you read this, please consider visiting my Footbo profile and add me as a "friend".

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